Progress does not stop to take a rest. Technology and the methodology behind it have become increasingly complex, and it’s very easy to fall behind on vital knowledge and skills. Proper training can keep both business and individuals up to date on the latest trends in IT and Design. We recognize the need for both basic and advanced training, and provide services to that end.

We make businesses better by making you better.

Hawkins Consulting offers professional training and other learning resources for users who want to master their business software, or for those who wish to learn a new skill. We offer introductory courses in IT and Design, the same courses that we internally use to train our employees. We also offer advanced training in both fields, both in group or one on one.

Do you have specific software needs for your users? For a more personal approach, Hawkins Consulting can pick one of our trainers to take the courses necessary to learn your company-specific software, and then train your end users.